Brick me up


e4768979ad5dc46707c21b906a1f3641Somedays the mood just hits and a song, not in its entirety, mind you, usually just the chorus, permeates my existence, becomes my theme song and I star in my very own music video watched by no one but of course, felt so deeply by me.

Mine today? Brick House cause I am mighty mighty.  Or at least for the next couple of hours,  I am.  Making coffee and letting it all hang out, grocery shopping and I ain´t holding nothing back.

Cuenca is not New York, so walking around with my headphones at full blast is not the best idea, which, of course, inhibits the dance moves I bust when no one is looking.  But my theme songs still follow me around, in English, of course. In this still new, still adapting to it, environment, I just have to keep solidifying who I am – all the time.  And I am usually a triple threat: today it´s singer/dancer/actor. Yesterday, I think it was a writer/dreamer/adventurer.  Tomorrow it´s guide/interpreter/fixer.  After that, who knows, but today I am a brick house.



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