I´m a woman, I´m a writer, a teacher, a student, a New Yorker, a Latina, a gringa, a thinker, a feeler and I´m sure there´s more.

I have been living in Cuenca, Ecuador for the past year and a half and it´s been quite the learning experience.  First, there´s the culture, the language, the food, the views, the lifestyles but then there is me and who I am to make this decision, come down here, set up a life, find jobs, friends, lovers, and maintain my own identities, multiple as they may be.

I´m speaking a language not my own that sometimes trips my tongue but I am understood, I form part of important conversations, I share my perspective.  I live in a land I was not born in, but I am making a home.  I am doing something crazy or filled with meaning, depending on what day you ask me but I´m doing it on my own (for the first time ever)!

And I am here, writing, living, loving, discovering, crying and laughing about it all – my stories, my fleeting thoughts, words found somewhere in this experience of life here, humbly laid before the blogosphere.